Labs That Work

An Intentional Professional Development Curriculum Tailored for Researchers at HHMI and Beyond

Steering Committee Meeting June 2021

This webpage includes information for the June 2, 2021 Labs That Work… For Everyone HHMI Steering Committee meeting. 
The agenda covers three main topics,  with documents and discussion questions associated with each item. Please direct any questions about the content or any issues with loading documents to the site administrator, Henry Strehlow. 
In advance of the meeting,  we invite you to review program content posted on our reviewer website. The information provided is extensive, so we ask that you extend particular attention to the following items:
These are representative of how elements of the curriculum will be presented when complete, divided into episodes.  Each episode will comprise a narrative scene, one or more expert interviews or concept overviews, and associated professional development logbook activities.
Please note that this page and all media content linked within are unlisted. This means that content under development is only available via direct link and will not appear in public search engines.
We ask that all reviewers please refrain from distributing any of these links in a public setting.



  1. Steering Committee questions and discussion
  2. NCPRE Questions:
    • Interviews: who and what topics with each episode?
    • How do we reach investigators in a world of online science meetings?
    • Pilot process discussion


  1. Steering Committee questions and discussion

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