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Labs That Work (LTW) is a professional development program developed by NCPRE and HHMI. It is designed to
help participants consider their own values and develop their professional skills to manage themselves and their careers. The program website provides all the materials participants will engage in.

This Website provides information structuring lab discussions based on the program materials, and suggested discussion prompts specific for each program episode or for the end of each act.

Discussing the program with other participants allows for consideration of different values and perspectives.
Being exposed to a diversity of perspectives will extend the value of this program and promote deeper reflection and learning.

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You may be new at these types of discussions. Explore the content on this website for information and ideas about how to structure and lead discussions focused on the LTW program. One thing to keep in mind is that how you conduct these discussion sessions is not a one-size-fits-all. Do what feels most natural to you, using this guide as a roadmap. Expect some discomfort, especially if you are not used to this style of conversation or to discussing these kinds of topics.

Time Commitment

Facilitation Best Practices

Practical Considerations

Handling Conflict

Staying on Schedule

The First Discussion Session

Suggested Structure for Subsequent Sessions

Episode 1.2

Episode 1.3

Episode 1.4

Episode 1.5

Episode 1.6

Episode 1.7 and 1.8

Episode 2.1

Episode 2.2

Episode 2.3

Episode 2.4

Episode 2.5

Episode 2.6

Episode 2.7

Episode 2.8

Episode 2.9

Episode 2.10

Episode 2.11

Episode 2.12

Episode 3.1

Episode 3.2

Episode 3.3

Episode 3.4

Episode 3.5

Episode 3.6

Episode 3.7

Episode Specific Discussion Prompts

Episode 1.1: Cultures of Excellence

Episode 1.2: Your Values, Your Choices

Episode 1.3: A Decision Making Framework

Episode 1.4: Avoiding Career TRAGEDIES

Episode 1.5: Aligning to Solve Problems

Episode 1.6: When Experiments Fail

Episode 1.7: Listening as Leadership

Episode 1.8: Words When You Need Them

Episode 2.1: Power and Bias

Episode 2.2: Mentoring

Episode 2.3: Bystanding and Upstanding

Episode 2.4: Using Questions Effectively

Episode 2.5: Listening and Upstanding

Episode 2.6: Lab Culture

Episode 2.7: Mental Health

Episode 2.8: Data Management

Episode 2.9: Power and Questions

Episode 2.10: Recognizing Others’ Stress

Episode 2.11: Mentoring Networks

Episode 2.12: Resources and Being an Ally

Episode 3.1: Wellness and Empathy

Episode 3.2: Proactive Practices

Episode 3.3: Mistakes and Accountability

Episode 3.4: Difficult Conversations

Episode 3.5: Apologies and Mentoring

Episode 3.6: Mentoring Conversations

Episode 3.7: Putting it All Together: Owning Your Career

Act 1

Act 2

Act 3

Module 1 Discussion